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RNIB Focus group

The first meeting of the RNIB focus group on BME2 took place on 14 January 2014 at the national headquarters of the RNIB in London. The group consists of:

  • David Aprahamian Liddle - freelance organist and composer
  • Kate Risdon - freelance flautist, composer and teacher
  • Sally Zimmermann - Music Adviser, RNIB
  • James Risdon - Music Officer, RNIB
  • Jonathan Darnborough - UK Representative, Mus4VIP project

The purpose of the first meeting was to introduce David and Kate to the Braille Music Editor and to see how intuitive they found it as a  tool for writing music. The following short video shows just how quickly they were able to start notating their own music, whilst thinking in their preferred medium of work, Music Braille.

RNIB focus group jan 2014

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