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Developing Harmonics


To improve the agility of the student in playing the first harmonics on the trumpet.


The exercise may be opened by downloading the file named “armonici1.bmml”
Armonici 1

Open the file with the program BMR and start to learn the notes.

Armonici 1, immagine dell'editor BMR
Braille example

Note that the exercise consists of a three-note arpeggio starting from the note C. The arpeggios are repeated in a similar manner transposed down a semitone. When you get to the third octave F sharp, the progression moves in an upward direction to return to middle C. When you are memorising the notes, set BMR to show the slurs. Note that after each sequence of three notes you should breathe. Play the exercise very slowly to get an even sound, try to play the notes without interrupting the flow of air and without accents. Only the first note of the group of three is articulated by the tongue so the next two will be legato.

The second exercise is faster than the preceding one but consists of the same melodic line in 3/4.
Armonici 2

Open the file armonici2.bmm with the program BMR.

Armonici 2, immagine dell'editor BMR
Braille example

Now you should take breaths after two arpeggios, that is to say after six notes. Play it at the same tempo so that the lips acquire a certain elasticity in both the legato and the staccato notes.

The third exercise is faster than the preceding one because every arpeggio is a triplet of quavers.
Armonici 3

Open the file armonici3.bmm with the program BMR.

Armonici 3, immagine dell'editor BMR
Braille example

The breath must be taken after three triplet groups, that is to say after every nine notes. Play the exercise trying to maintain a constant flow of air whether playing staccato or legato. The first note of each group should be lengthened slightly.


After a couple of weeks of daily practice – about 20 minutes a day – the student should have acquired a sufficient elasticity of the lips to permit working on higher harmonics. Play all the exercises at crotchet=80.

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