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Summary of already done work

The already done work consists in an acoustics handbook, published on the www.music4vip website, that uses a clear language and was addressed to blind students of music schools and conservatories. All chapters were provided with pictures that were simplified to be comprehensible to touch. The language took into account visual impairments integrating the handbook with specially dotted pictures. All pictures are numbered and can be downloaded in PDF format on the link of the picture text so that they can be emboss printed, for example, with Tiger, the relief graphic embosser made by ViewPlus Company, or the printer using the “fornetto” (little oven) called "Minolta" now produced in Italy by Sachem Company.

Here below are the titles of the covered topics:

  • Home (introduction)
  • The Sound
  • Wave Theory
  • Sinusoidal Wave
  • Complex Wave
  • Circular Motion
  • Frequency and Amplitude
  • Perception
  • Fourier Theorem
  • Registration
  • CD and MP3
  • The Digital Processing
  • The MIDI Encoding
  • The Sound Synthesis

Much of this work was dedicating to studying and producing images readable through touch. The images were tested with blind users, and modifications suggested by them were added. For example, a wave, either sinusoidal or complex, is best received if instead of the single line the underlying part is filled with a lighter texture, as in this example:

Violino vari campionamenti
Various violin samplings

The utilized embossed printer, that is one of the few existing commercial solutions, allows different textures, using both grey and colours levels.

As example, here it is shown a second image reproduced to be embossed and to be clear to the touch. In this example, all captions were written into Braille.

Campionamento di un suono
Sound sampling

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