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The arpeggio is represented with a vertical and wavy line set at the left of a chord and indicates that the notes will be executed as following one another starting from the gravest one.
Even for the arpeggio the execution speed depends on the style of the text as well as the artist’s interpretative sensitivity. However, it cannot last longer than the value of the notes that represent it. The arpeggio is a characteristic embellishment of keyboard instruments and the harp in particular:
Arpeggio example 1
If the symbol of the arpeggio is broken, the two chords start in the same instant:
Arpeggio example 2
Arpeggio example 3
The arpeggio can be even indicated with a vertical dash set under the note or on its leg. The below-oriented dash indicates the down-under arpeggio and in this case it starts from the highest note.
Arpeggio example 4
Arpeggio example 5

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