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Temporary alterations
Temporary alterations are set in turn, where they are held for necessary, along the music text and their effect lasts for all of the following notes, in the same position, which can be present in the bar.
To turn a previously altered note in the bar into natural, you set the symbol of natural afore the target note. This symbol annuls double alterations (double sharp and double flat) too, but for a major clearness you usually make use of the double natural as well.
Graphically, both symbols appear as follows:
natural Natural
double natural Double Natural
Examples of temporary alterations:
Temporary alteration 1
Examples of double alterations:
Temporary alteration 2
When you wish to annul the effect of a single alteration in a doubly altered sound you use to add a natural too:
Temporary alteration 3
In case the temporary alteration is set afore a note joined with a value tie to another note set in the following bar, the value of the alteration lasts only for the value of both tied notes.
Temporary alteration 4
When the two notes from the previous example are joined trough a portamento tie, the second tie sound must owe the symbol of natural:
Temporary alteration 5
When the value tie is between two altered notes in two different bars, of which the first one is at the end of the line, it is necessary that even the second note has the symbol of alteration:
Temporary alteration 6

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