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Acciaccatura or grace note
A sort of music embellishment consisting in very swiftly executing one or more accessory notes right before or after either the royal note or the chord following them. As related to them through a linked level (semitone or tone), it can spend even quite long intervals. This often occurs in contemporary music where we can find an acciaccatura to be executed at the end of its reference note.
Acciaccatura is represented through a small quaver with a slanting segment and set at the left of the royal note.
Acciaccatura can be located afore a note or in the previous bar:
in battere (beating)
in levare (rising)
Acciaccatura example 1
Acciaccatura for a long interval:
Acciaccatura example 2
Acciaccatura example 3
Double and triple acciaccatura:
Acciaccatura example 4
Acciaccatura on chord:
Acciaccatura example 5
Acciaccatura example 6

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