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Learning braille music notation lessons


Having memorized the eighths you will find it not too difficult to learn other values of notes. The Braille music notation has been designed as a logical system. Read the C major scale written in quarter notes in the ascending and descending order
Example 3.1

Can you find the difference between a quarter note and the corresponding eighth note? Yes, in relation to an eighth each quarter contains just an additional dot 6.

Example 3.2. is written in quarters and eighths. Read it carefully and complete by adding the second part i.e. the descending C major scale following the same rhythmic pattern: one quarter and two eighths. Note that the example 3.2. has the time signature of two quarters. Use spaces as barlines
Example 3.2

The quarter rest is formed by dots 1236. In exercise 3.3. your task consists in replacing each rest with any quarter or two eighths. If you write your exercises using BME, listen to the tune you have created. Note the time signature – three quarters - of the exercise
Example 3.3

Finally, complete exercise 3.4. continuing the scale according to the same syncopated rhythmic pattern
Example 3.4

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