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Monday, April 14, 2014
Jorge Gonçalves

I just wanted to let you know about one event that happened in Brazil between 3 and 5 December.2014
It was an event about braille music and music teaching for blind students. There were a lot of concerts, activities, conferences, workshops, debates etc.
I was a invited member of the panels and I gave, 3 conferences and 2 concerts.
It was in the music school of the University of the State Rio Grande do Norte in Natal (northeast of Brazil). It's one annual event and it was the second time it happened. It was the first time that I attended.
Briefly my 3 speeches were about: the first one about my life story and thoughts about braille music, the second was about the relationship between a blind musician and the sighted world around (experiences teaching, chamber music technics, experiences of being orchestra soloist etc.) and third was about the available music softwares, their differences and how to produce massively braille scores.

My concerts were on a brand new American Steinway which they bought so no need to say that I loved it so much.
What impressed me was the interest and motivation about braille music in Brazil. People simply love it and they drink every word we say about it.
They take notes, they ask questions, they want to learn, it's absolutely amazing.
Also they are extremely warm people and a wonderful public, so the pleasure of playing for them was enormous.

Something also that impressed me was the interest for braille music for sighted teachers. I saw several university professors there attending our event and attending workshops about introduction to braille music and their wish of understanding and writing scores for their blind students was very touching.
Other workshops were about, Introduction to Braille Music, how to write to braille scores in traditional music, relationship between braille and printed music, integration of blind students in music lessons in a integrated school etc. I probably forgot some of them because there were a lot of different subjects discussed.
So I wanted to let you know that this happened and without being too long, wanted to let you know that in the countries that speak Portuguese, braille music is alive and the interest for it is growing and growing.


Thursday, February 6, 2014
Beniamin Blatter (swittzerland)

First, let me thank you for your great software. Music notation was never as easy for me like it is now with BME. I couldn't imagine going back to writing with sibelius!


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